Rachel Garrison & Johanna Parker Design - Valentine Ornament (Girl)

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A Rachel Garrison in collaboration with Johanna Parker Design as a part of JPD Partners in Craft creation!

Aren't I the cutest?  My eyes sparkle with love this Valentine season!  I'm dressed in my party hat and ready to find my love!

The Rachel Garrison Valentine is such a special addition to your holiday decor.  I am a handcrafted folk art delight and ready to come into your life and change it forever.  You'll love my flushed cheeks and my darling eyes.  You won't be able to not fall in love.   

Dimensions:  6"H

VanDoll's Folk Art collectibles are hand crafted with quality materials, vintage fabrics and found objects.  Rachel creates each piece with the intention to feel as if it has been passed down through the generations.