MacKenzie Childs - Patience Brewster - Spooky House Mini Ornaments - Set of 8

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The set of eight Patience Brewster Spooky House Minis make Halloween colorful. Pair these colorful handmade and hand-painted figures with the Patience Brewster Spooky House Display or add them to your Halloween vignettes and trees. Set includes Boney Cat Mini, Scaredy Cat Mini, Gourdon Pumpkin Mini, Bat Moon Witch Mini, Bat Moon Man Mini, Carla Crow Mini, Count Ratula Mini, and Countess Ratula Mini.

In a world of whimsy and wonder, Patience Brewster for MacKenzie Childs has created figures, ornaments and tabletop pieces painted with color and charm for all of your Holiday Decorating. You'll love the delightful details Patience Brewster brings to her characters that you will want them all.