Johanna Parker for Bethany Lowe Designs - Silly Bones Spooks Jar

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I know what you are thinking.  I'm kinda creepy.  But really, if you look real close, I'm actually quite handsome.  Johanna Parker knows how to take something scary and turn it into something fun!  I mean, look at my trousers!  Don't they make me look dashing?  And see.....I'm smiling.  Since I don't have to wear a mask, you can see me smiling at all times!  Just put me out in your Halloween display and I'll definitely garner some attention.  

If you don't think I'm serious, just look at my bow tie.  I'm serious about joining you at your house this year for Halloween.  Johanna Parker has awesome collectibles and I definitely rank among the best!

Dimensions:  6.5"x3.5"x3.5"

All of Johanna Parker Designs are unique in paint and style.  In some of the Dolomite items they use a unique glazing technique.  Refunds, returns or exchanges will not be given for the manufacturing technique or any small flaws.  These are inherent to the brand.

Johanna Parker Halloween by Bethany Lowe Designs is created with a love of all things vintage.  You'll love bringing out this collection year after year to add to your Halloween decor.