Johanna Parker Halloween Peek a Boo

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Peek-A-Boo, I see you!  

We love when Halloween comes each year so we can pop out of our pumpkins and bring a smile to your face.  The ghost delights with his cute dimples and the witch has her perfect grin.  I on the other hand, am just the staple kitten (ok, I'm a cat), that everyone loves to see.  As long as they don't see me walk in front of them.  haha.

Johanna Parker Halloween characters are the best characters to add to your collection and we are no different.   We'll be happy to grace your displays and bring pizzazz to your holidays! 

Dimensions: 3"L x 3"W x 6"H

All of Johanna Parker Designs are unique in paint and style. In some of the Dolomite items they use a unique glazing technique. Refunds, returns or exchanges will not be given for the manufacturing technique or any small flaws. These are inherent to the brand.