Johanna Parker Easter Dottie Teapot

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I'm a little tea pot, short and ….wait…I'm not stout!  Johanna Parker made me perfectly round.  Look at my cute little whiskers and imagine how I would wiggle my nose while accompanying your Easter décor.  Johanna Parker is the master at creating whimsical characters and I'm no exception.  My soft pink polka dots are perfect for all the Easter displays.  You know you want me!  Just hit the buy button and you'll soon be smiling when you unwrap me!

Dimensions:  7.75" L x 4.75" W x 7.50" H

All of Johanna Parker Designs are unique in paint and style.  In some of the Dolomite items they use a unique glazing technique.  Refunds, returns or exchanges will not be given for the manufacturing technique or any small flaws.  These are inherent to the brand.