Debra Schoch by Bethany Lowe Designs - Tall Bunny with Cauliflower

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I'm all ears.  Literally.  Just standing here at attention so you will see me!  I want to come home with you and help you decorate.  Debra Schoch has me dressed in a handsome blue collar and I even come bearing food, one of my favorites no less...cauliflower!

Debra Schoch is a folk artist that has a love for all things antique. 

Dimensions: 11.75" X 3.25"

Bethany Lowe Designs is known for the quality holiday decorations that have been chosen by so many.  She believes in the craftsmanship and attention to detail in all her products.  Once you chose Bethany Lowe Designs as a collector item, it will be around for generations to come.