Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What are pre-orders:

Pre-orders are a method to give manufactures an idea of demand so the right amount of supply is made for all of us!  In the past (especially during COVID), there was a short supply and a large demand.  Due to preorders, the manufacturers are now making more so there is more for our customers.


  • Can not be cancelled
  • Will ship once received
  • Are processed using the first in, first to ship method.  The shipments are sent in the order of which they were received.

Question: When will pre-orders ship:

Current vendors as of 7/23/2021:

Bethany Lowe:  

  • We have already started to receive Halloween items
  • Second Shipment of Halloween will be the next week.  This Second Shipment does not include Ghostie Stew.  Still waiting to hear about the other Johanna Parker items (new lanterns, Ghostie Stew, Fireplace screen, etc).  The other items we have not yet received word on includes LeeAnn Kress large apple, Vincent and Vivian, etc. as well as David Everett's candy corn and apples.  As soon as we have information on these items we will post both in social media and here.
  • Christmas items are expected late July through August
  • UPDATE 7/23/2021:  We are now hearing mid August for ship dates.  


  • Halloween items are expected late July/early August.  
  • 7/14  We were told that we would receive an update on all items early next week.
  • Christmas items are expected August/September

Raz Imports:

  • 7/23/2021  Items are expected to ship the last week of July or the first week of August


  • Halloween items are expected late July/early August
  • Christmas items are expected August/September

The above will be updated as we receive information from the vendors.

Question:  Do you ship outside of the US?

We have and will ship outside of the US, but shipping can get costly - so please reach out to us for pricing information.

Question:  Do you have limits on how many items you can purchase?

We have not set any limits on purchasing as we have not seen people taking advantage of large orders.  In the future, if we see where people are ordering large quantities and it decreases the chances of our other customers receiving items, we will put limits in place.

Question:  I have had items cancelled on me before, do you foresee future cancellations on products?

During COVID, we saw a large amount of cancellations due to supply and demand.  We have discussed this issue with certain vendors and have been assured that based on forecasting demand through pre-orders we are in a much better place.  While there is no guarantee on a pre-order, we assure you we will do everything we can to ensure you get your product.