About Us


We’ve been friends for about 20 years, our birthdays being days apart and pretty much able to finish each other’s sentences.  Where we differ though is I’m more vintage, she’s more new wave and where my favorite holiday is Halloween, hers is Christmas.  What we do both agree on though is the frustrations of collecting our wares.  That’s when the idea of opening our shop came along.  If we are frustrated, surely there are others…so how can we help?  Well, for one, we can try and do our best to provide the very items others like us desire to have!

One of our main goals is to provide what we think is products that will add to their holiday collections, but we need to hear from our customers what we are missing or need to add.  Our goal is to include artists like Johanna Parker, Bethany Lowe, Rae Dunn and the unique pieces of Rachel Garrison.  We are super excited to be able to do this and hope you enjoy each and every piece!

Feel free to reach out and help us make this your one stop shopping for holiday decorations.  We will do our best to help your displays look spectacular!