Johanna Parker Black Cat Treat Stand

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I know what you're thinking: Why is that silly black cat with a hat sitting in a pumpkin candy dish? Do you know what my response is? Well, do you know Johanna Parker? Haha. Johanna Parker has her own way of expressing herself at Halloween. Her birthday is on Halloween; she loves the holiday, so she creates the best holiday décor and makes it fun! Know what else she likes? She likes black cats! And she likes candy bowls! So why not put a black cat in a Halloween candy dish? And you know what's even better than a plain candy dish? A pumpkin one! Brilliant!

I'll give you some more food for thought on this grand design. (I'm totally bragging on myself here, but think about it). Once you hit the "buy" button and I get shipped to you, you're going to toss some tasty candies right in my bowl, and guess who gets first dibs?! ME!!! Don't worry, I won't eat them all, but wouldn't it be fun to add some candy corn or your other favorite Halloween treats in this pretty pumpkin? Personally, I think I'm the best of her designs!

Johanna Parker Halloween is the best!  Don't hesitate to add me to your holiday decor and add some PIZZAZZ!!!

Dimensions: 6.25"L x 6.25"W x 7.5"


Please note:  All of Johanna Parker Designs are unique in paint and style. In some of the Dolomite items they use a unique glazing technique. Refunds, returns or exchanges will not be given for the manufacturing technique or any small flaws. These are inherent to the brand.