Bethany Lowe Christmas

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The Bethany Lowe Christmas collection includes; handmade putz paper houses, vintage-inspired trims, retro figurines, old-fashioned signs, glass garlands, and classic Christmas decor to brighten your home. Bethany Lowe's traditional Christmas decorations will warm your heart and leave you reminiscing about warm Christmas family memories.

Bethany Lowe Christmas decorations, ornaments, and figurines will have you feeling both nostalgic and merry! Old Christmas postcards and winter recollections of her small farm town inspire Bethany Lowe's vintage style designs. These unique pieces will show you how to appreciate the little things in life. Each collection piece will make you think of her little community of family, friends, and neighbors who would go out Christmas caroling, ice skating on local ponds, build snowmen and enjoy horse-drawn sleigh rides during the holiday season.