July 02, 2022

News Flash - Next Steps in the Journey


How can something so little represent something so big?  It barely covers the palm of my hand, but the meaning behind it spans the future.  When I consider what it represents, it’s the key (pun intended) to the next step of our journey.  I never would have thought opening a little online store would lead me into turning dreams into a reality, but here we are.


Let’s backtrack for a hot second and go backwards before we talk about what's next.  If you have followed along, Holiday Pizzazz started from a problem many of us have faced.  We wanted ‘this Johanna Parker piece’ or ‘that Bethany Lowe piece’ and couldn’t find it AT ALL.  Not in stores, not online.  There was a crazy supply and demand issue and while I enjoyed picking up a piece or two, it would drive my bestie to tears when she couldn’t find all her favorite pieces! 

While driving down a country road one weekend after hunting for my friend (ok, no lie, I was hunting for me too), I called and told her my grand idea.  Why not open our own shop…then we would have first dibs to anything we wanted! Sounds simple right?  Ummmm….no.  Let’s just say there are some blatant challenges in that perfect little idea…things like ‘Covid’ and ‘supply chain issues’.  Those aren’t little issues by the way…they are down right, anxiety driven challenges that can drive one to drink. 

Fortunately we have survived some of the hardest times and have met some absolutely incredible people along the way.  We have had the opportunity to talk with and meet some of our favorite artists as well as become friends with many collectors.  The world has been cruel during Covid, but if we focus on some of the positives, I know that I for one, have been blessed to make friends along the way.

If we return to the meaning of the key (I know you are patiently waiting), we are happy to announce we have moved onto the next part of our journey and are in the middle of opening a storefront.  We’ll follow up later with the where and when (and why you should visit), but just know that this has been in the works for quite some time and we are super excited because we aren’t just opening one store, but we decided to go all out and open a second (we’ll be announcing information on that store soon).

As we work towards getting the store ready for opening day, we can’t go without saying Thanks!  Thanks to each of you that have helped support our small business.  Thanks to each of you that have offered encouragement and support.  Thanks to each artist who continues to use their creativity to bring a smile to our face and thanks to each collector that smiles when they open their box to see their goodies. 

We are so lucky to have so many great artists that share their talents.  There is something for everyone and every taste in decorating.  Find something you love, something that when you pull out your decorations year after year, it just makes you smile.

More information will be forthcoming, but we have been excited to share this news with you all!  Lots more work to do before opening but we are getting close.