December 20, 2020

The Beginning of Holiday Pizzazz

The Beginning of Holiday Pizzazz

January 2021

Have you ever been so frustrated with how things have transpired in your life that you decided to take a little control? Try as you might, you'll sometimes find yourself at your wit's end, and you wonder if it might end up differently if you took things into your own hands.

For my friend and I, it was collecting holiday décor, specifically from Johanna Parker. We'd gone through the Rae Dunn phase, and honesty, it becomes exhausting sometimes. We would run from store to store in hoping to get something "good."  I learned about things like FOMO, Mercari and upselling. I learned acronyms like ISO, DISO, UFT, NFS and NMP. (If you don't know what those are, fret not; I'll list them at the end of this blog post.)

What a fast and furious learning experience! I joined all sorts of Facebook groups and tried waffles (aka raffles) and trading, but I still never found the unicorns that people wanted, and then the next week, there would be another unicorn!!! I couldn't keep up.

So my friend and I found Johanna Parker. I loved her work even more! It was full of whimsical smiles, cute faces and lots of color. I couldn't get enough of those adorable pieces! I loved all of it – the new, the old and the up-and-coming. But then things changed again. Her items, too, became hard to find, hard to get, and the crazy cycle of always wanting and not getting began again.


That's when my friend and I had a serious conversation and came upon this brilliant idea: Why not create our own shop? That way, not only would we be getting a lot of the items we want, but we would also be able to supply to as many people as we can -- those that love collectibles as much as we do! And so began Holiday Pizzazz!  

Now, for those acronyms I talked about:

ISO: In search of
DISO: desperately in search of
UFT: up for trade
NFS: not for sale
UFS:  up for Sale
NMP: not my picture
Unicorn:  most sought after
Waffle:  raffle


    We hope to always be able to provide all the fun, unique and whimsical pieces so you can decorate with a smile. Holidays should be filled with fun and family, not anxiety-filled days spent wondering if you'll find the perfect piece that just got released. Let us take that stress off your shoulders so you can just focus on being creative!