January 27, 2023

Are Artists a Dying Breed?

Are Artists a Dying Breed?

As we start the new year, things don’t always slow down. We attend market, which is the opportunity to see all the vendors new offerings for the upcoming season. We start seeing the new reproduction collectibles from our favorite artists, and we get to start to imagine how we will decorate in the new year. Excitement starts to build and we once again remember it’s time to appreciate our favorite artists.

Glitterville showroom at Dallas Market:


Some people follow one artist. They will try to collect everything they can (or at least their favorite pieces) to add to their collection each year. Some collect objects like ghosts, pumpkins or Santas. Some do both. Regardless of your collecting habit, one thing to remember is that without our wonderful artists, we wouldn’t have these amazing pieces.

So what is it exactly that artists bring to us? Original art refers to a piece of artwork that is created by the artist themselves, usually by hand. This can include paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints, and other forms of visual art. Original art is considered to be unique and one-of-a-kind, and it often holds a higher value than reproductions. Many of our favorite artists create original art and offer to their collectors. Michelle Allen of Raggedy Pants Designs makes her ghosties and snowmen through the year. If you are a fan of David Everett of Chicken Lips, you can see some of his amazing work and occasionally find an opportunity to grab a piece. Once in a while you can find some fun pieces from LeeAnn Kress of Charmed Confections. I would suggest following your favorite artists and seeing what they have to offer!

Art by Michelle Allen by Bethany Lowe Designs (as a reproduction)



Original Art by Michelle Allen of Raggedy Pants Designs:


Reproductions, on the other hand, are copies of original artworks. These can be created through a variety of methods, such as printing, photography, or digital scanning. Reproductions are not considered to be unique, and they typically have a lower value than original art. The good news though is reproductions are made in larger quantities and have a lower price point that allows the majority of us to purchase. Bethany Lowe Designs offers Licensed Artists reproductions from LeeAnn Kress, Michelle Allen, Michelle Lauritsen, Johanna Parker and more. Johanna Parker Designs is also licensed with Magenta and distributes some great pieces that compliment many of the Rae Dunn collectibles.  ESC offers us reproductions from Lori Mitchell, Charles McClenning, Jorge de Rojas, Heather Myers and Dee Harvey.

Freddy Frost by Johanna Parker by Bethany Lowe Designs:



The original Freddy by Johanna Parker:


Original art and reproductions are two distinct types of artwork that have different values, characteristics, and contexts. Original art is considered to be unique and one-of-a-kind, while reproductions are copies of original artworks. Halloween artists like David Everett, Johanna Parker, and Leeann Kress can create both original and reproductions. The key difference between the two is the level of detail and craftsmanship, as well as the context in which the artwork is being viewed.  Without the artist though, we wouldn't have reproductions!

Santa's List and Reindeer by David Everett of Chicken Lips by Bethany Lowe Designs:


Original art by David Everett of Chicken Lips:



If you are like me, you've noticed a decline in a lot of both Original Art and Reproductions.  Say for example, have you noticed David Everett hasn't had any reproductions in a while?  What about the offerings for 2023...have you noticed a decline in the amount of offerings by artist?  Have you noticed that we haven't seen any new original pieces from Johanna Parker in a while?  We need to make sure companies that offer reproductions (ie Bethany Lowe Designs) understand our desires to continue to collect.  We want to make sure they know that we notice when our favorites are missing.  Could the decline be due to ongoing supply chain issues?  Who knows...but if you study the artists, you will find that a lot of the GREATS are making less and less originals...less and less reproductions, and if we aren't careful - we may find that we no longer have the capability to continue to buy any new pieces.  

Here at Holiday Pizzazz, we love supporting our artists. We love being able to offer the reproductions so that our collectors can continually add to their wonderful collections. If you can’t find what you are looking for, let us know. We’ll be happy to try and help you find what you desire.  We also encourage you to reach out to your favorite artists and manufacturers and let them know you are a collector and how much you appreciate them!