February 04, 2022

How To Store Home Decor

How To Store Home Decor

If you enjoy switching up your home's decor for each season and holiday, you've undoubtedly experienced the difficulty of storing it all over the off-season.  It's easy to toss glass items, ornaments, wooden accents, and other décor in storage boxes as quickly as possible and not think about it until the following year. However, taking the time to organize your pieces with suitable packing materials, storage containers, and labels may help you avoid a lot of trouble when it comes to bringing those decorations out again.

Where to Store Home Decor

The attic, garage, or spare room are ideal locations to store extra home decor. The best area for out-of-season decorations is the attic or another long-term storage location like the garage.  The only caution on where to store your items is making sure you understand the type of item you are storing.  More on that later.

Tips to Make it Easier 

Dust everything before you put it away.

Because your decorations are sitting out on display for a month to six weeks during the holiday season, it's bound to collect dust. Give everything a quick wipe-down with Windex or an all-purpose cleaner before you pack it all away to keep that shine coming back each time you bring it back out.  If you are storing items that are made from Papier Mache or hand painted items, you may want to carefully dry dust.

Quality storage totes and containers make a big difference.

Large transparent containers can get brittle in the heat, so avoid them. Instead, choose a more durable option such as Rubbermaid solid-colored bins available online or at Walmart. Lids that snap on might become flimsy over time, so seek one that latches securely.

Label all your boxes, bins, and totes. 

To begin, categorize your decorations by room rather than the type of decoration. Make a list of what's in each bin—or take a video—and save it somewhere secure. Then, assign each container a number so you won't have to search for your living room decorations again next year - you know they're in bin #4.

Storage Options

Seasonal Decorations

Seasonal home decorations over time quickly multiply and become extremely heavy. To save you from bending over with all that weight, a practical storage option is commercial-grade rolling channel sheet pan racks. They can accommodate 20 full-size sheet pans, but you may only require 8-10 pans depending on your decorating style. This is an excellent choice if you don't have a lot of room in your house. It's convenient to slide out the decorations sheet pan and remove it to get things done faster. You may move the complete rack for each season or just replace the shelves/pans you choose with them. They're easy to find online or at any restaurant supply store.


Small Glass Pieces/Ornaments

When it comes to keeping prized china dolls, glass pieces, or ornaments from clashing when you're getting them in and out of your storage nook, divided bins are a fantastic choice. To preserve delicate and sentimental adornments for next year, store them in a smaller container with tissue paper or bubble wrap on top to ensure they are in excellent shape.

 Mugs, Dishes, and Linens 

A quiet and hidden corner of your home can store your mother-in-law's gravy boat and grandmother's embroidered tablecloth during the off-season. Seasonal china and linens may be kept in a place you don't need to access as often—such as on a top-shelf. Save your easy-to-reach, high-use areas for items you use more frequently.

Other Decorations

Before storing nativity scenes, porcelain dolls, antique trains, wooden parts, and other favorite accents, wrap them in bubble wrap or foam sheets. Keep these objects in a dry location, with similar things in labeled containers.

Handmade Decorations

Many seasonal collectors like to get decorations that enhance their displays.  These items could be small enough to fit on a tiered tray, or could be large enough to stand out in your seasonal decorations.  Either way, make sure you check with the artist on how to safely store.  Some paints or glues that they use may deteriorate in a hot attic or storage unit, so the best way to store these more delicate items would be in a cabinet or closet where they can be tucked away safely.


So there you have it, a few simple steps to help your home stay festive year-round.  What are some of your favorite ways to store your decorations for next year's Christmas celebration or Halloween displays? As always, we love hearing from you!