February 22, 2022

How to Decorate a Nursery

How to Decorate a Nursery

It's a big job to decorate a nursery. If you feel overwhelmed, you're not alone in feeling this way. Decorating the ideal nursery before your baby's birth can be difficult, especially if you don't have much design expertise. Do you need some pushing in the right direction? This step-by-step approach to designing a nursery is for you!

Decide on a Basic Color Scheme

Easier said than done, right? Don't worry. Use the internet to look for ideas. Start with three colors that you enjoy as a starting point and build on them.

Pro Tip: Wait to get the paint until you've finished choosing your decor for your nursery. It's much simpler to match the walls to the décor and textiles than it is to do it vice versa.

Create a Mood Board

Create a mood board after you've narrowed down your options and decided on your essential components. Having a visual presentation of your nursery concept makes the next steps much more manageable.


Our example nursery is based on Alice in Wonderland. We discovered a crib, pillows, decorations, a painting, a color palette, and fabric selections that we liked and then created a mock mood board to help with styling.

Lori Mitchell storytime characters like the white rabbit and Alice, all of which you can see in this mood board, are available for purchase.

Buy the Basics

Are you ready to go shopping? The crib and other bulky pieces of furniture like the changing table are good places to start. Purchasing the furniture will allow you to see your nursery in greater detail. Once everything is in place, you'll know how much room you have and what else you'll need.

Pro-Tip: Nursery furniture doesn't need to match. A well-coordinated collection of mismatched furniture makes for a more exciting space!

Choose Textiles and Prints

It's a golden rule of interior design: Always go for soft furnishings before purchasing paint. It's far simpler to match paint with textiles than it is to come up with beautiful main decor and bedding that simply work with your chosen Sherwin Williams hue.


Decorating is what makes your project come alive! Move the furniture around, color the walls, and go wild with your creativity. This is where you get to share a narrative. The details in nursery décor are crucial!

Give It Polish

The last touches are the icing on the cake in your nursery; they're really the cherry on top. Pick up some of our favorite story time-themed décor to take your masterpiece from "done" to "stunning."

 If there is something you are looking for and can't find, reach out!  We always do our best to help you find what you are looking for!