September 15, 2021

How Ghostie Stew Ghosted Us

How Ghostie Stew Ghosted Us

In a world of planes, trains, and automobiles you can’t even image the supply chain challenges that we have experienced in 2021.  In an earlier blog, I wrote about the rush to decorate for Christmas because we were all confined to our homes during the worst of the COVID outbreak.  Now, even a year and a half later, we are still seeing the impacts by experiencing the delays of getting products to the US.

Johanna Parker Design has so many new products through Bethany Lowe Designs.  We all can’t wait for the new Ghostie Stew, the Cat Fireplace Screen and the new Pumpkinny Lantern!  It’s been tough though for Bethany Lowe Designs as even though the products have been ready since May, they have experienced issues getting the items on a container and shipped to the US.  Every time a ship passes them by the disappointment is felt at every corner of the world as we all want the newest and cutest pieces by Johanna Parker.


To compound issues on the West Coast, Johanna Parker also has new designs with Transpac as well as a host of oldies but goodies including a full line of Candy Corn items:  Candy Corn Plates, Candy Corn Bowls, Candy Corn Mugs, Candy Corn Salt and Pepper Shakers….all of which are still not yet distributed to the stores.  The highly sought-after Johanna Parker Ghost & Witch Candy Jar is another set of cuties that her collectors are looking forward to and although they are trickling in, it is slow and frustrating.

None of the vendors had expected the delays in getting containers, getting into the ports or the high prices of surcharges they are experiencing.  It is affecting so many, but they are working hard at receiving and shipping out, as are we.

Maybe since Christmas was early last year, we can just hang on to Halloween later this year.  It’s tough though because there are also all the new Fall Harvest Critters.  Who can turn down the Johanna Parker Critter Sitters, or Harvest Critter Mugs?  The faces on the owl, squirrel, turkey and fox are just too darling to pass up.  What about those colorful Johanna Parker Scarecrow Mugs we have been waiting for all year?  They are all perfect in a Fall Display of muted Autumn colors.


Patience has become a daily household word.  Just have patience.  We all want our ‘stuff’.  Especially when we preordered so early.  All I can say is it’ll get here.  It’s just slow.  Don’t jump ship.  Don’t get out of line.  You never know what the other line will be, and it may even cost more.  Pretty soon all the waiting will be over, and the holidays will be here to enjoy. 

We only hope the supply chain issues smooth out and next year won’t hold the same disappointments and frustrations.  We hope to see more of Johanna Parker and her wonderful designs.  We hope to see more of LeeAnn Kress, Michelle Allen and David Everett.  We hope to see more of our favorite artists continue to make the very thing we love to collect.  We just hope things will pick back up, COVID will slow down and life can get back to at least a new normal (since it will never be the same normal as before COVID). 

We will continue to be here.  We will continue to try and help you find what you are most looking for and provide you with the best in Holiday Home Décor!  Hang tight!  It’s always worth the wait!