December 28, 2021

Glitterville Christmas:  What makes it so magical?

Glitterville Christmas:  What makes it so magical?

Have you seen some of the Christmas trees on Instagram that are so glamourous that it makes you think you stepped into a scene from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?  There are Christmas trees adorned in fairies, cookies and ice cream.  You can find the Glitterville Sugar Plum Fairy nestled in a sea of pinks, whites and mint green.  You can find Glitterville ornaments such as the Papa Noel, Nutcracker and S’mores.  All with sweet smiles and beautiful colors.  You may also find the Glitterville Christmas buckets like the reindeer, Santa or the Snowman.


If you look close at a Glitterville collectible, you will find such beautiful details including trims of gold.  The ribbons match with perfect harmony to the Sugar Plum Fairy, along with her dazzling wand.  The way the Colonel Cupcake is stoic and upright, dressed in his fabulous pinks and greens.  He stands over the rest of the figures and becomes the watchman to oversea the magic of Christmas.


Every part of a Glitterville Christmas Display brings a feeling of enchantment.  A feeling that resembles walking into a magical candy land of sorts.  It’s where you can’t help but admire the characters that are brought to life with smiles on their face and a twinkle in their eye.  If you look at the Glitterville Papa Noel serving items, such as the punch bowl, mugs, plates and platters…it almost feels that they are sending you a wink with that smile and you hear the ‘ding’ of a sparkle added, like in an Instagram story picture that you can overlay.  And what about Colonel Cupcake?  Complete with his mustache and sparkling blue eyes.


Back to the trees though, I look at them and wonder how long it takes to create such a masterpiece.  The balancing act of applying the various ornaments, buckets, and figures along with bows and flowers is just amazing to see.  I have a lot of respect for these ladies that have the creativity and foresight to bring such beauty and magic to Christmas using Glitterville figures and ornaments. 


While in the past, I have normally been traditional using reds and greens, I find myself drawn to the mint green and pink that Stephen Brown of Glitterville has used in his amazing array of Christmas decorations.  I can see where it would be hard for a collector to just ‘pick one’ item each year since all of the Glitterville items are so well coordinated in color and theme.  I would want to have the full assortment of all the characters to feel that everyone was home in my holiday décor.


While I have concentrated on the Glitterville Papa Noel, Sugar Plum Fairy, and Colonel Cupcake, I would be neglectful if I didn’t mention the nutcrackers.  In looking over the past, Stephen Brown of Glitterville has created a stunning collection of Nutcrackers.  This year included the Snow Nutcracker and Snow Queen.  The details of the trees that adorned the top of their heads, to the deer on the Snow Nutcracker are just phenomenal.  To me, they were the most eye catching and the most beautiful pieces of all.  The nice part about the Snow Nutcracker and the Snow Queen is that if you don’t have room for the full-size pieces, there are also ornaments as well.  This would be a good way to add in Glitterville designs year after year. 

I could go on for days on how impressed I have been on Glitterville Christmas, but really, I would just encourage you to look yourself.  I know I get quite overwhelmed when I see the beautiful Glitterville Christmas trees and can’t help but feel like I have been ported into such a magical place.  Take a look and let me know what you think.  I'll tell you my favorite.....the reindeer!!!!


We want to send a note of appreciation to a couple of collectors (Jennifer & Eileen (@lifeofeily)).  I am always impressed with the amount of work they put into their Holiday Decorating and love to see the always magnificent way they arrange all the Glitterville Christmas items into their homes.  Thank you ladies for sharing your homes with us and Thank You Stephen Brown of Glitterville for bringing us such great holiday decor! 

As always, we love helping our collectors find what they want.  If you don’t see what you are searching for in our store, send us a note.  We’ll do what we can to help you add that magical pizzazz to your holidays.