March 19, 2021

Fake It 'Til You Make It


Vincent Van Gogh, a famous painter from the 1800’s painted still life photos of fruit.  Others have as well, including Paul Cezanne who said “Painting from nature is not copying the object it is realizing one’s sensations.” The artists reflects their view and the artist’s steady fascination with color, light, and pictorial space is fascinating, yet in our century we have taken that same fascination with color and gone even further in our holiday decorating and started using fruit, cookies and even donuts and s’mores to add another dimension of color and depth and artistic quality that will make one question the authenticity of the object.

I remember walking down a strip center with my dad when I was young and though we were walking towards a movie theater, we stepped towards a Chinese restaurant that had various displays in the window of their dinner entrees.  It took my young mind a bit to understand the concept of these plates of food not really being real food so the idea of fake food is not new at all.  Even today, we can’t go to dinner without a large plate being brought to our table with all sorts of beautiful looking desserts being shown to us only to realize they too are fake.  We then wrestle with the choices brought before us in hopes that the real deal is only as delectable.

So why can’t fake food be used in our own home?  We have been using some variations of fake food for some time so why not crank it up a notch and make it even better?  I think Grandma used a bowl of apples and pears so why can’t I create something even better?  The home décor you find on Pinterest that uses Farmhouse style decorating or Rae Dunn items include themes around lemons or s’mores or gingerbread or donuts.  The fake lemons these days have such bright yellows that you can’t help but think of tea time in the sun.  There are now lemon slices that compliment the lemons and look so much like the real thing that you almost do a double take.  S’mores and donuts are now made to look so real that even looking at them may put on pounds.  The very sprinkles on the donuts or the marshmallows between the graham crackers are so authentic that a person wouldn’t be able to tell the difference until they were touched.


And how about a display of Halloween cookies that can stay out the entire Halloween season?  Imagine the Frankenstein, candy corn and ghost that can stay out in your Halloween décor and look so real that you want to grab one each time you walk by, but wont actually add a single calorie to your diet?  These are definitely the types of cookies I’m willing to use in my Halloween décor year after year.  They will never lose their color.  They may shake loose of some sprinkles but if I can bring out the brightness and color and surprise my neighbors when they pop over for a glass of wine, then they will definitely remain in my Halloween décor year after year.


Take a look at the detail and color of the sprinkled donuts and the s’mores.  The s’mores paired with the Rae Dunn stacked s’more canister will be the envy of your Pinterest followers.  The only problem is to keep the children from trying to eat them!  Look at the donuts!  Can you imagine anything being any more enticing?  These particular items are able to stay out year round when the holiday cookies are put away and Halloween décor is stashed for the year or Christmas décor is again in the attic.  Rae Dunn Lemonade displays and Coffee bar displays are always open for business.

Fake food is a trend to buy into.  They are easy to pack, easy to use and the desire for food never fades!  Tiered tray displays and holiday décor won’t be the same with this new trend and you can find it here at Holiday Pizzazz, where we bring Pizzazz to your holidays!