March 08, 2022

Easiest Ways to add a Splash of Color to a Room

Easiest Ways to add a Splash of Color to a Room

Are you tired of the same old colors in your home? Inject some color to liven up your space. It’s easier than you think, and with these clever tricks, you’ll be spicing up your home with color in no time. 

Seasonal Accessories

Seasonal accessories, such as mugs, candles, and small other decorations, are great for adding color. The key to success is to put them throughout the room in different locations. Set a pair of seasonal ceramic/glitter holiday pieces on a shelf and a matching throw pillow in the same color hue on the couch for an easy yet aesthetic look!

One of the most widely used tools in the decorating arsenal, is a tiered tray.  We personally like the tiered trays (and other home décor) from @feltcreativehome.  Take a look at how @designsbyminda uses her tiered trays and decorates either holiday or season to change up the entire look. 

Check out these beautiful Spring colors:


When it comes to Halloween, splashes of orange stand out against the stark black and white:


Beautiful fall colors can completely change the look:



A solid base of neutral bedding allows you to use practically anything else. Add a few colorful or seasonal pillows, throw blankets, sheets, and shams to liven up a boring bed. Combine the new items with your existing design for an instant update.  

There are some pillows that can cross multiple seasons.  For example, the Harvest pillow can serve both as a splash of color for Fall and for Christmas:



Whether patterned or solid, Drapes are a surefire method to give a room a polished and finished look. If you’re doing a little makeover, consider utilizing the colors you already have in your space to choose your drape color. Drapes can also be a helpful point of recognition when redecorating or making color decisions.


Lamps come in all shapes and forms, so go crazy! Lamps not only brighten a space, but they add a great deal of color! Make a stronger impression by using two different colors. While the space receives two doses of lamps, the colorful items do not need to be exact replicas. A lone colored lamp placed in another otherwise neutrally colored room may look out of place, but pair it up, and the color will stand out. A mug, vase, or other seasonal decorative items with the same hue will also pair well.


Take over blank walls that are desperate for color with vibrant art. Invest in a single painting if you are hoping for a more streamlined appearance, or hang several little pieces of an eclectic style. If you want to dress up a table or a shelf, try adding ceramic or glass sculptures to make your space more vibrant.

Take a look at some simple seasonal canvas pieces that add color to the room:



These Halloween pieces completely change the room during the fall season:


Pillows and Cushions

Colorful throw pillows and cushions look amazing on breakfast books, sofas, and chairs. For example, fuchsia brightens the neutral palette with a punch of color in a black, white, or gray room.

Accent Wall

Maybe you want to spice up your walls, but you’re not ready to paint them entirely— make an accent wall out of one wall. If you’re starting from scratch, choose an item to include in the space, such as a colored couch, a piece of art, or a patterned fabric, and choose your accent based on that.

Whatever is your favorite style, Holiday Pizzazz has lots of color to help you decorate!  You can find something for every season and every holiday that will help you add that splash of color to your room.  If you can't find what you are looking for, reach out!  We're here to help!