November 24, 2021

Christmas Trends for 2021


Christmas is a magical time of year.  It’s a time that brings forth happy memories from our childhood and a time that we want to make our own children or grandchildren smile.  It’s a time to make memories, eat well and enjoy family.

Christmas is also a favorite time of year for decorating.  You may find yourself bringing out your favorite decorations year after year, or it may be that you want to change up with the new trends.  Some like to use decorations from their childhood while some rush to the stores to find their new favorite piece.

This year’s trend tends to be around pastels.  If you have a favorite artist, you may find that Johanna Parker Christmas is wrapped in pink and mint green this year.  Her Nostalgic Santas, snowmen and reindeer fit perfect in a vintage inspired setting.  The old style Johanna Parker Nostalgic Christmas can still be found online, so if you are a traditional red and green decorator, you can still find your favorites.

Stephen Brown of Glitterville has mastered pastel in his Papa Noel collection.  You will find mugs, plates, punch bowls, platters, ornaments and more.  Papa Noel, a vintage inspired classic from the winking Santa is beautifully crafted into a collection you will want to bring out year after year.

Michelle Allen of Raggedy Pants Designs uses a lot of pastels in her snowmen.  You’ll find pinks in her Blushing Snowgirl or mint green in her Christmas Wishes Snowman.  They have the original feel of her one of a kind art and look adorable nestled in a sea of pastel Bottle Brush Trees or on a pastel inspired Tiered Tray display.

Bethany Lowe Designs continues to bring us the timeless treasures of Christmas Past with her Vintage Santa carrying a Lantern or her Kris Kingle with Bells.  These beautiful pieces would be treasured year after year in any Holiday Display.  Bethany Lowe Designs also has fun vintage inspired snowmen, reindeer and her beautiful Bottle Brush Trees that are the perfect compliment to all your decorating needs.

Finding a favorite each year shouldn’t be hard.  You may find yourself drawn to Johanna Parker or Michelle Allen, but if I were to pick a favorite this year, it would be the David Everett Santa and Reindeer.  David Everett of Chicken Lips has put together the perfect Santa with his sidekick Reindeer that have the facial features that invoke a smile on my face.  Take a look!  They are spectacular pieces.

Regardless of your favorite artist or favorite way to decorate, we have plenty available to help you create your own style year after year.  If you can’t find what you are looking for – reach out!  We’ll be happy to help.