April 26, 2021

All that Glitters in Glitterville

All that Glitters in Glitterville

When I think of Stephen Brown of Glitterville Studios, I cannot help to be reminded of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  Do you remember the movie?  The old one with Gene Wilder or the new one with Johnny Depp?  Either way, you cannot help but be transported into a wild, colorful, almost unrealistic world, full of fun and surprises!  I have not yet been to the Glitterville Studios, but plan to soon.  Only so I can experience firsthand the spectacular creations of Stephen Brown.

Stephen Brown’s Glitterville Studios is in his home state of Tennessee.  After graduating from the University of Tennessee with a degree in Costume Design, he went to work on WiseGirls with Mariah Carey.  Since Stephen was always making crafts his entire life, he would make ornaments and gift them to Mariah.  Her encouragement for him to expand on his work led him to getting a job with Department 56, where he worked for three years before going out on his own.  The rest we can say, is history.

In the beginning of Holiday Pizzazz, we studied artists, their work, and their products.  When it was mentioned to us to look at Glitterville, we were not able to stop pressing the ‘buy’ button.  When you look at the beautiful pieces of Glitterville Christmas, you cannot help but want it all.  The stunning Papa Noel mugs, pitchers, plates, and punch bowl take the vintage look and feel of the Winking Santa, the Christmas Nutcrackers take on an array of rainbow colors sporting pinks, teals, and bright blues.  The Glitterville Christmas Colonel Cupcake, Sugar Plum Fairies and Holly Jolly are just beaming with whimsical smiles, brilliant colors and just an outright exquisite detail of fun and love for the holidays.

Then we looked at Glitterville Halloween and WOW!  Again, just stunned at the colors, the breadth and depth of the characters and could not wait to see more!  As soon as the 2021 catalog was released and we saw characters like Sweet Toothy the Bat and Bumpkin Betty & Gossip Gourdy, we knew we had to have one of each (for ourselves!!).  If you find that your Halloween décor style is not quite traditional, you should look at Glitterville Halloween. 

So, let’s go back to the Willa Wonka comparison.  Do you remember when the kids and their parent walk into the factory and are in complete AWE of the creations, colors, and magic?  That is what I think it will feel like when I walk into the Glitterville Studio.  I feel like I will be in awe of the magic of all things Stephen Brown.  I do not know when I’ll go and if it will be Glitterville Halloween or Glitterville Christmas, but I do know it will be Glitterville MAGIC!!!

If we go back to all things Stephen Brown and the creativity of Glitterville, we know his mascot is a DollyPoulet chicken.  It was given to him by his co-star of TLC Craft Wars, Tori Spelling.  It is such a beautiful white poof that he says is the best pet.  We also know that one of his biggest fans is Oprah!  Who knew!  As he grows in popularity, who would not love all his whimsical designs!

If you want to see some spectacular décor, just look at his Instagram or Pinterest.  There are so many incredible Glitterville Halloween and Glitterville Christmas displays.  There are all things Glitterville Papa Noel, Glitterville Holly Jolly, Glitterville Colonel Cupcake and Glitterville Nutcrackers.  You cannot go without seeing some of the most brilliant and delightful creations that you will want to fill your home with!

Feel free to glance through our store and find all the Glitterville Halloween, Glitterville Christmas, Glitterville Papa Noel and Glitterville Unicorns!  We can not wait to share it all with you!